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Imagine your trip to Spain, designed for lifelong memories

If you are looking for the full Spainish experience, you need to move there. This country has so much to offer that it takes a lifetime to explore. Relocating to Spain is a thing for Northern Europeans that want more sun and a more affordable lifestyle. World class beaches, sun and bathing is a big part of Spain, but there is so much more to this place. 

Its easy to fall in love with Spain. But the country is diverse and each region is unique. Lovely food and great wine is found everywhere. But if you are a foodie, its highly recommended that you go to the Basque part of Spain, in the San Sebastian area. Mainly because of all the Michelin stars in the area, but also because of the local dishes, like the pintxos.

Nature lovers have endless hiking possibilities. The Pyrenees, Mallorca, the Canary Islands and Sierra Nevada in Andalusia to name a few. There are numerous trails and beautiful peaks, routes and charming stay overs. If you prefer bicycling, it is awesome any which way you prefer if, on tracks or road cycling. Climbers find their paradise here and they keep coming back to it, for example the lovely little village of Siurana in Catalunya. The pickiest surfer will find a favorite spot in somewhere in Spain, and the waves are world class. The Canary Islands with Las Palmas or Northern mainland Spain will keep them busy. And the same with windsurfers and kitesurfers. Pozo Izquierdo on Gran Canaria is one of the top spots for windsurfing in Europe.

Spain has some exciting cities like Barcelona, Seville and Valencia and the capital Madrid. The cities are modern and lively, and nature is pristine.

Explore Spain with the help of local experts.