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Imagine your trip to Scotland, designed for lifelong memories

Haggis. Single malt whisky. Golf. Bagpipes. Braveheart. Castles. And kilts. The scottish culture and history is rich, intriguing and world famous. From the minute you set foot in this country, it won´t take long for you get a sense of the the people and how proud they are of their identity. Just remember to address them correctly. As Scottish or Scots. Not English. Get over this first hurdle and they will welcome you dearly.

Don´t visit Scotland to find resorts, sandy beaches or warm, sunny weather. The sun does show itself more often than rumored, but you still need to prepare for wind and rain. And if you´re properly dressed, there are numerous adventures waiting for you. Hike to the top of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland. Visit Loch Lomond or look for Nessie at Loch Ness. Travel to the lovely Isle of Skye to see fishing villages, picturesque landscapes and some of the country´s over 300 medieval castles. And even though the Highlands are the most famous with it´s green rolling hills, the Lowlands, flat lands and islands, like the Hebrides, are considered just as stunning! 

You´re never far away from a chance to go kayaking, fishing, cycling, hiking or climbing. And you´re never far away from city life either, with Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow to name a few. 

This far corner of Britain is sparsely populated, but the people are warm with a down-to earth nature. And if your taste buds don´t agree with the Haggis, you can enjoy the seafood instead. By many rated as the best in the world.

Learn more about holiday in Scotland in this video