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Imagine your trip to Romania, designed for lifelong memories

Traveling in the Romanian countryside feel like traveling back in time. Medieval castles and donkeys pulling carts filled with fresh vegetables in the pristine Transylvanian landscape. While the capital Bucharest is modern pulsating and full of life.

The spine of Romania lies in the Carphatian Mountains that go through the centre of the country with rocky peaks surrounded by big woods with elk, deer, bear and wolves. There are huge areas with little habitation and you can find yourself walking for days without seeing other people. If thats what you want. The artery of Romania is Europes longest river, Danube, marking the southern border with Bulgaria then turning north and ending in the Black Sea. The river delta is the home of 300 species of birds and 160 species of fish. Perfect for boat trips, bird watching and fishing.

The hiking possibilities are diverse and almost endless. You can find your way to snow capped peaks, or you can walk along silent creeks in the woods. Now and then you´ll discover an fairytale-like castle and pleasant villages. Maybe you are a daredevil and going to Draculas castle?

Most tourists go to the Black Sea beaches via charter trips seeking sun and party. This beautiful area has also secret pearls for the adventurous travelers, like you. Let our local experts help you out.

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