Norway - 4 Hours Panoramic Tour - Lofoten highlights

Norway - 4 Hours Panoramic Tour - Lofoten highlights


We want to dedicate these hours together by visiting the most ancient and striking villages of some enchanting Islands. Svolvær, Kabelvåg, and Henningsvær represent a traditional way of life here on the Islands. Kabelvåg is a village of extreme historical interest, not to mention rare natural beauty.

Along the road which takes us to Kabelvåg, we will first stop to admire and photograph the ancient Cathedral of the Lofoten Islands. The Cathedral was built at the end of the 19th century, and could hold up to 1200 people. It is the second cathedral in Norway to be entirely built of wood.

Continuing on to Kabelvåg, we visit the ancient village.
We will take you to explore this small village, to admire its architectural beauty, its history, and the amazing landscapes which combine sea and mountain peaks. The excursion is on foot, and there will be many opportunities to photograph this enchanting small village.

Next stop Henningsvær.
The road which leads to Henningsvær is of rare beauty. During the journey, we will see high mountains with jagged peaks, the crystal clear water of this splendid sea, the fine sand, as soft as talcum powder, and colours and scenes of extraordinary beauty. 

Henningsvær has always been a village filled with life and colour. The old houses of the fishermen, and the tradition of fishing have remained the same, even with the passing of centuries.

Today, the main activity is still fishing, and the typical wooden drying racks are the proof of this. We’ll visit the prettiest streets, crossing bridges which connect the small islands.

You will be accompanied by our guide.

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This tour starts daily from Svolvær 9:30 AM Pick up and drop off at the Hotel

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