Norway - 5 hours - Discover the archipelago of Lofoten

Norway - 5 hours - Discover the archipelago of Lofoten

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With this tour, which lasts about six hours, we want our visitors to see the most spectacular locations that these Islands offer, both natural, historical, and cultural.

It will be possible for you to sit on pure white beaches facing a crystal sea, to admire imposing mountains which for billions of years have guarded, like ancient Viking warriors, magnificent cliffs where the waves of the North Sea break.
You will smell the scent of that same sea, united with the perfume of arctic flowers. At the same time, you might also visit archaeological sites which tell the story of the Viking population, and the origins of this land.

Walk amongst the old “Rorbu” (old fishermen’s houses) in the different, colourful villages of the islands.
You will also have the chance to taste the various typical products of these islands, while sitting in some characteristic local restaurants.

With this excursion, we would like to take you to discover these islands; we will not only visit some of the characteristic fishing villages which have made these islands famous, and are appreciated all over the word, but we’ll also take you to explore unspoilt nature, the most genuine and extraordinary part of this beautiful archipelago.

We will guide you through Kabelvåg, and we will visit the ancient fishing village, with plenty of time to take many beautiful photos.
Continuing our journey, we head towards the western part of the islands, in the direction of Eggum. Eggum faces the ocean, and here nature expresses herself with all her extraordinary strength and beauty. Eggum has become famous in the last few years for its amazing light. It is the best location to catch the authentic atmosphere of the North Sea.

We then continue to the stunning Utakleiv and its unforgettable views. The mountains will be at our backs, and the crystal sea, the white sand, silence, “genuine” nature… it will be difficult to believe that we are 200km above the Arctic Circle as we gaze upon nature of such lush and varied colours. The beaches of Haukland were defined in Time magazine as one of the most beautiful locations in the world. We will then carry on to Unstad, which is a small spot with a handful of little houses perched at the foot of the mountains, from where we can admire the striking seascape.

You will enjoy history and culture, together with unbelievable panoramas.

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This tour starts daily from Svolvær 9:30 AM Pick up and drop off at the Hotel