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Imagine your trip to Myanmar, designed for lifelong memories

Myanmar is a beautiful country with a brutal history, and it still has many issues . Recent years the country has opened up more for tourists, as travel can help solve some of the struggles. The truth is that this country will be a fantastic acquaintance, with lovely people that that will welcome your stay. You will have the experience of a lifetime. 

For a modern traveler used to seeing different destinations and having explored "everything", rural Myanmar will still manage to surprise. It is unlike anything you have seen. Though the more popular spots get a bunch of tourists, entering the remote areas is very different. Big parts seem almost untouched and if feels like going back in time. It will make you feel like one of the early explorers. The mountain hills are great for trekking and climbing. And you can get close to the tattooed Chin tribes.

In this stunning country you'll find an abundance of dense and tight jungles, mountains and pristine beaches that will leave you with a feeling of entering paradise on earth. 

Common in Myanmar are men in sarongs, or longyis, chewing nuts and spitting blood red juice on the ground. Women with their faces painted for sunblock. And horses or bullocks pulling carts is the common transportation. 

The locals are gentle, very polite and lively. You will feel welcomed and appreciated. This country has been isolated for a long time and now the people are hungry for impressions from the world outside. Go, explore and connect! 

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