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The land of Genghis Khan is a warm and welcoming country. Traditionally it is known for the nomadic lifestyle, with more than half of the population being nomads. With that comes the nomadic hospitality, a frequently used expression in Mongolia, and a wonderful opportunity for travelers to learn about local customs. Sleep in traditional yurts, help collect sheep, ride horses and explore the rough wilderness of this amazing country. 

The modern Mongols tend to move to the cities, specially Ulan Bataar, for education and job opportunities. In this capital city you'll see nomads sitting next to suit-wearing businessmen on the bus, as the traditional and modern both are a big part of city life. And so are impressive museums, temples and palaces. 

The country has a rapid growth in the economy based on agriculture, mining, technology and tourism. The tourism sector has a healthy competition, which recently has raised the service level quite a bit. The hospitality is great, the people are lovely but in many areas the standards is not much more than covering basic needs. So if you require a certain level of comfort, you need to do your research beforehand. 

A modern traveler will see Mongolia as a diverse country with lively city hubs, and unspoiled rural countryside with breathtaking nature in the steppes, mountains or the Gobi desert. You will not find many destinations where interaction with locals are easier and where you will be welcomed more genuinely than in Mongolia.

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Dawn in Mongolia was an amazing thing. In one instant, the horizon became a faint line suspended in the darkness, and then the line was drawn upward, higher and higher. It was as if a giant hand had stretched down from the sky and slowly lifted the curtain of night from the face of the earth. It was a magnificent sight, far greater in scale...than anything that I, with my limited human faculties, could fully comprehend.
— Haruki Murakami - The wind up bird chronicle

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