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Imagine your trip to Mauritius, designed for lifelong memories

In the Indian Ocean nearby Madagascar lies stunning Mauritius. The island nation is a honeymooners paradise with powder white beaches, lagoons and reefs. It is also a multicultural country, which reflects in the architecture and the tasty Indian, French, Chinese and Creole cuisine.

Mauritius has saved more birds from extinction that any other country in the world, so birdwatching is big and you can actually see the pink pigeon here. Another flying creature is the captivating flying fox. You can also get close to lions on a safari, see giant tortoises in the wild and swim with dolphins and sharks. 

But visitors tend to rave mostly about the impeccable service on this island. The North, around Grand Baie, is popular with tourists and the East is a bit more glamorous and pricey. Both have luxury resorts with five star facilities, spas, swimming pools, fine cuisine, palm trees and beautiful beaches. And both can show for the warmth and hospitality of the locals. So why leave the comfort of your hotel?  

Well, this is an island for exploring and the wilder South is where you go for that. The volcanic mountains are great for trekking, biking and horse-riding. Enjoy the stunning view from a zip-line through the rainforest and cool off in a waterfall when your done. For lunch, head to a seaside restaurant for a serving of fresh fish just off the boat.

And sapphire blue, shallow waters and coral reefs is as a fantastic starting point for snorkeling, diving and any kind of water sports like paddling, kitesurfing and catamaran excursions to offshore islands.

The capital Port Louis has a pulsating nightlife, world class restaurants and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wandering the streets is fascinating as the coalescent cultures are represented everywhere. Popular sites are the Champs de Mars horse-racing track, the Eureka plantation house and the 18th-century Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens. It´s easy for visitors to get around since English is the official language. 

Mark Twain once said: Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.

Mauritius will forever change how you feel about traveling. 

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