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Aurora Borealis (or The Northern Lights) is one of the most spectacular phenomena on earth – and Iceland offers perfect landscapes to enjoy the winter night scenery. Our Northern Lights Special offers an incredible opportunity to combine hunting for the Northern Lights with a range of fantastic winter activities and excursions into the Icelandic nature.


Day 1: 

Flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri.

Local pick up from Akureyri airport and transfer to your choice of accommodation where you will stay for 2 nights. If you arrive in Akureyri on morning flight then you could fit in a short additional tour (needs to be pre-booked).
In the evening you join a 2/3-hour Northern Lights tour (starting at 21:30). During the tour we drive out into the countryside away from the city lights to hunt for the Northern Lights. There is nothing as impressive as a moonlit starry winter night with the Northern lights dancing in the sky. While observing this phenomenon we enjoy a light refreshment before returning to Akureyri.

Day 2:

Lake Mývatn Winter Coach Tour, departing at 08:15.

This winter tour to one of the most interesting spots in North Iceland focuses on the most attractive features of the Lake Mývatn area and its surroundings. The first stop is at Goðafoss waterfall, not only famous for its breathtaking beauty but also for its significant historic value related to the Christianisation of Iceland. From Goðafoss the tour continues through the valley of Reykjadalur to Skútustaðir in the Lake Mývatn district. Next stop is at Dimmuborgir, a lava labyrinth of magnificent basaltic pillars and lava sculptures. After a short walk in Dimmuborgir the tour continues through the lava field to Grjótagjá (road conditions permitting), which used to be a popular underground bathing cave among the locals before the Krafla Fires (1975-1984) when the water became too hot to bathe in. We continue east over the Námaskarð mountain pass to the Krafla caldera (road conditions permitting). Along the way we pass a 60- MW geothermal power station that partly supplies the town of Akureyri with electricity. Our destination is the explosion crater of Viti (Hell) but its formation marked the beginning of the great Myvatn Fires in 1724. From Viti there is a good view over the geothermal zone of Leirhnjukur and the lava field formed in the Krafla Fires. Next we explore the solfatara field of Hverir (Námaskarð) where ground water is heated  by an underground magma intrusion. Sulphur deposits are brought to the surface and the area is characterized by a strong smell of sulphur. After a short walk around the fumaroles and mud pits we head for the final destination of the tour, the Mývatn Nature Baths, where visitors get the chance to bathe in the silky smooth geothermal water (entrance fee to the pool not included, to be paid on the spot). After the stop at the Nature Baths we drive back to Akureyri where estimated arrival time is around 17:00.

If you were unlucky and did not see the Northern Lights on your first evening, then you have a chance for another complimentary Northern Lights tour this evening (departure at 22:00).

Day 3: 

Transfer from your accommodation to Akureyri airport.

If your flight departure is in the late afternoon or evening then you have a possibility for another optional tour (needs to be pre-booked).

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