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Iceland is really something else. This volcanic island offer a moon-like landscape with a unique shoreline, glaciers, geysers and scenic mountains. The capital Reykjavik is small, but have a pulsating urban big city feeling, with great nature experiences just minutes away.  Iceland as a country is small enough for you to take a roundtrip in a couple of days, but the experiences is big enough to last a life-time. Let our partners set up a plan for your vacation!

We booked our entire two and a half week trip to Iceland with Sveindis. She took care of arranging for all our accomodation, internal flights and daytrips at a very affordable price - we had an amazing time and surely would never have found out about all these activities on our own. Everything worked flawlessly and I highly recommend this company to anyone thinking of travelling through Iceland.
— Yonatan ★★★★★

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Frequently Asked Questions

WhaT is the best season to visit iceland?

Winter in Iceland is spectacular, but be aware that temperatures can go as low as -30°C in the coldest months from December to February. Winds can make the apparent temperatures feel even lower. This doesn't mean you should avoid Iceland in the amazing winter time, but dress properly.

The Northern Lights appear from September until April – but February to March, and September to October are the best months to see them. 

 There is really a lack of daylight from November through December and January  – this is not a big issue for seekers of aurora and urban vacations, but can of course be frustrating if you are a landscape photographer or want to go hiking etc.

If you want to experience the midnight sun, June and July are the months. While the midnight sun is beautiful and incredible as an experience, you should expect a couple of sleepless nights and a body with a "jetlag-feeling. Bring an eye-mask :)

Many minor roads are closed from late September to June (and sometimes early July) due to snow and ice. Even when open you need a 4WD for most of them. Be aware of this if you are looking to drive around.

Orcas visit the Iceland coast in February and March. Many other whale species appear year round. Our local experts know all you need for planning this.