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Imagine your trip to Hungary, designed for lifelong memories

Exploring the Hungarian scenery is not dramatic, it is gentle and smooth. In other words relaxing. Budapest on the other hand is known to be the most exciting city in Europe - after dark. Architecturally Hungary is a treasure, and so also historical. But you will be amazed of how wonderful the nature is, highlighted by water like Lake Balaton and the mighty Danube River!

The main attraction of Hungary is the capital, Budapest. Budapest is also home to most architectural pearls. You can walk through history from Roman ruins, via medieval buildings to baroque churches and neoclassic public buildings and art nouveau baths and schools. While Budapest is world known for this, it is also the fact of most of Hungary. You can visit towns like Szeged, Debrecen, Sopron or Kecskemét and have the same experience around every corner. 

The Hungarians love their baths, and they do it often. They are also great kayakers. Many tourists want to join a river cruise, and that is easy to understand.  We highly recommend to go out of the cities, explore the rural life, on a bicycle, going through the easy terrain while passing numerous castles and interesting places to stay.

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