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Exploring the Hungarian scenery is not dramatic, it is gentle and smooth. And relaxing. Budapest on the other hand is known to be one of the most exciting city in Europe - after dark. Architecturally and historically Hungary is a treasure. But you will be amazed of how wonderful the nature is, highlighted by water like Lake Balaton and the mighty Danube River. 

The main attraction of Hungary is the capital, Budapest, bisected by the Danube River. Budapest is home to a number of architectural pearls. You can also walk through history here. From Roman ruins and medieval buildings via baroque churches and neoclassic public buildings to art nouveau baths and schools. While Budapest is best known for these buildings, fact is that you'll find them around most of Hungary. Visit cities like Szeged, Debrecen, Sopron or Kecskemét and experience the same multitude as in Budapest. 

But there are more reasons why Budapest tourism has grown so rapidly. Excellent restaurants, wine bars, galleries and hot springs are as good as it gets. Having a soak is a big part of the Hungarian lifestyle. Everyone does it and its supposedly the best cure for a hangover. 

Hungarians love their baths, but they are also great kayakers. Kayaking is in Hungary is huge and the locals are among the best in the world. There are thousands of kilometers of waterways suitable for kayaking, canoeing and river cruises. You can cruise down the Danube River, or you can go out of the city and explore the rural life. Bicycle, hike or visit the wine country for a wine tasting weekend. 

You're gonna like this place. And you'll leave hungry for more. 

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