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Imagine your trip to Greece, designed for lifelong memories

Greece is famous because of it's thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Influential in ancient times, it's often called the cradle of Western civilization. Many of the things we are influenced by, are invented in Greece. The most common impression people get when talking about Greece is white houses, white beaches, blue-green water, sun and great food. 

Greece have so much more to offer than white beaches. Of course it is family friendly, safe and warm with crystal clear water and you can do most activities related to water here. You can go diving, go on sailing trips, kayaking, wind- or kitesurfing or just have a relaxing swim. Many of the islands have mountains or at least hills and the hiking are really great, with historical sites everywhere. Kalymnos is a world class climbing destination. Bicycling is growing as an activity, and now we also need to include the mainland. If the hiking on the islands are great, you should try going into the mountains of mainland Greece. As example the area around Meteora monasteries. Try rafting in the rivers. Did you know that the mountains are so high it is snow there in the winter?

We mentioned the food, it is a great part of the Greek culture. So is the music and traditions. If you don't like traveling in Greece, you don't like anything. It is the cradle of history combined with great adventures.

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