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Imagine your trip to Georgia, what would you do?

The oldest traces of wine production in the world is found in beautiful little Georgia. The climate is optimal for growing grapes with frost-free winters and comfortable summers. Wine is a significant part of the national history and is considered a big part of the country´s identity. Kakheti is the most important wine region and in the small town Signagi you can stroll the narrow, cobblestone streets during the day and wine and dine in the evening.

From town you have a stunning view of the Caucasian Mountains. This mountain range has some pretty wonderful sights. One is Gergeti Trinity Church on Mount Kazbegi, one of the highest mountains in Europe. Hike the steep hills if you are in good shape, or go by car. Next to the church is nothing but sheep and grass, but the location is unique and the view of the mountains is like off a postcard.

Another mountain region well worth a detour is Svaneti. Home to Ushguli, the highest inhabited region in Europe, and where the Svans live. The Svan people live isolated with their own unwritten language and have kept many ancient traditions, including blood revenge. These mountains are tailor-made for hikes in fresh air. 

Georgia doesn´t have any ties to neighbouring countries when it comes to ethnicity or language. They speak mostly Georgian. But when visiting, you´ll do fine with basic english. But for any traveling outside of cities or going to one of the many, colorful local markets to negotiate, a pocket dictionary will come in handy.

These markets are countless in Tbilisi, the capital and largest city. Here you´ll also find some leftovers from the Soviet era. But the city has gone through a massive change. Wallow in contemporary architecture, charming galleries, elegant restaurants and five-star hotels.  

During summer, you will probably long for some beach life. If so, jump on a bus to Batumi, the second largest city in Georgia, located by the Black Sea. The climate is subtropical and pleasant. The beaches, although stone, not sand, are lovely. And the nightlife is so much fun.

And there´s more to Georgia. Monasteries, cathedrals, ski slopes, national parks and more UNESCO World Heritage sites than you can count.

With low levels of crime and corruption, the infrastructure developing at full speed and accommodating and smiling locals, it´s about time the world gets acquainted with Georgia as a top notch holiday destination.