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Imagine your trip to France, designed for lifelong memories

There are so many amazing things about France that makes it one of the worlds most visited countries. The capital Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world, and everywhere you go you'll have the iconic Eiffel Tower as a background of your selfie. The charming small streets, the food and the passion. All of this are, of course, things you knew and have heard about. So let´s focus on the French adventures. 

When talking about a fragmented and diverse country, France is certainly unique in Europe. You'll find the incredible mountains, hiking possibilities and ski-resorts of the Alps, and best known is probably the area around Chamonix. You also have mountains elsewhere, like in the Pyrenees, and in a whole different way. And, then again, the rolling hills and vineyards of Provence. Climbers will love it here, or if you are in to bouldering, Fountainbleu, just a short drive from Paris, is world class. Hiking is also great in Corsica, this special Mediterranean island with mountains, beaches and charming villages.

In the French Riviera you also have the Mediterranean cities, but with the extravaganza and posh lifestyle in places like Nice or Cannes. And in the Bay of Biscaya you have world class surfing, from Biarritz and north. France is a bikers paradise, the world famous Tour de France is putting it on the map, but not only road cycling is the thing here. It is also a hub for mountain biking. 

France is for everybody. It truly is. 

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