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Imagine your trip to Finland, designed for lifelong memories

Finland tend to do things better than other countries. Their standards of living are high, they have maybe the worlds best scholar system that inspire others to visit and learn. They have projects like community salaries that in basic pay the people a salary just for living, and they are really up front technology wise. 

Finland is named the land of thousand seas, and it´s really many more than that. You have deep woods with an exciting wildlife and packed in are these numerous lakes, perfect for fishing or canoeing. On the coast you have thousands of small islands and it is really a kayakers paradise. The northern, arctic, part of Finland is known as lapland and is rich on Sami history, reindeers and snow. In this area you can also explore the unbelievable phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, the northern lights. 

Regarding tourism, Finland is creative. How many places in the Far north, basically in the middle of nowhere have hundreds of planes coming before Christmas, because it is the home of Santa Claus? How many places can you join a ice breaking ship or get in line to snow-plowe a private garden? The capital of Helsinki appears on many lists of must-see cities, and is lively, pulsating and rich on culture. You should try it out.

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