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Imagine your trip to Finland, designed for lifelong memories

Finland tend to do things better than other countries. Their standards of living are high, they have maybe the worlds best scholar system that inspire others to visit and learn. They have projects like community salaries that in basic pay the people a salary just for living, and they are ahead technology-wise. 

Finland is also The Land of Thousand Lakes. These lakes are perfect for fishing and canoeing. Surrounding the lakes are deep woods with an exciting wildlife. Along the coast are thousands of islands making it a kayakers paradise. The Northern arctic part of the country is known as lapland with snow, reindeers and the Sami people. This is where you need to go if you want to explore the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. 

In this area is the small town Rovaniemi. It´s way up north, cold and still has hundreds of planes full of tourists flying in the weeks before Christmas. The reason is that this is the home of Santa Claus. We are in no position to say whether that's true or not. But however, the Santa Claus village, the Santapark and the arctic surroundings are a perfect backdrop for a Christmas vacation. 

The capital of Helsinki is a lively city located seaside. The Helsinki design scene is pulsating these days and has a huge influence on designers and architects around the world.

Local, sustainable food has been a big part of Finnish cuisine for many years and you see it everywhere whether its in one of the many cafes or in a 10 course meal at a Michelin star restaurant. 

Finland is far North, so winters are snowy. The waters freeze and the season for snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating and ice fishing can begin. And saunas of course! And, yes, they normally do it nude. 

Summers might be short in Finland, but the summer days are endless as the sun never sets. So its all about making the most of it. Finns celebrate their summers like nobody else. Music festivals, fairs, boating, barbecues, beach life, hiking, swimming and soaking up as much sun as possible. 

Finns are typically known as shy and introverted, but that is an old myth. They have a peculiar sense of humor though, and don't take themselves too seriously. There's nothing called an awkward pause in Finland. If the conversation goes quiet it simply means they don't have anything more to say. And they mean what they say. If you say: let's have a cup of coffee someday, it actually means you need to contact the other person to make plans and they will be expecting to hear from you. 

How refreshing is that? Go meet the Finns. 

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