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Imagine a trip to the Faroe Islands, designed for lifelong memories

In 2015 National Geographic voted the Faroe Islands as their favourite travel destination. The fact that it has gone under the radar as a vacation spot for many years, has allowed the Faroese to keep their traditions and way of life more or less as it always has been. National Geographic also voted these islands the “most authentic, unspoiled and most likely to remain so” of all islands, so hopefully it stays that way. 

Located northwest of Scotland and halfway between Norway and Iceland, the 18 Faroe Islands are actually a part of Denmark, but with their own culture and language. Sharp cliffs, deep blue sea, clear green and treeless landscapes gives it a natural beauty. The weather has formed the terrain throughout the years and thanks to the sometimes challenging weather, the air is probably more fresh and clean than you´ve ever experienced.

It took more than a little wind to scare away the Faroese. Descendant from Vikings, the locals can seem a bit shy and reserved at first. But once you get underneath the surface, you´ll find them to be warm, friendly and hospitable. There are 50000 of them living here, but there are actually more sheep than people.

And there´s a prolific bird life, with seabirds nesting on steep cliffs. The puffins at Mykines is paradise for ornithologists and birdwatchers.

The Faroese love their nature and and have made it easy for visitors to try out some of their outdoor adventures. Kayaking, snorkeling and diving the waters, rappelling down cliffs, hiking the mountains or horse trekking the beautiful countryside. Traveling by boat is a way of life for the locals and tourists can easily join them for some fishing, or to go between the islands. But they are all connected with road- tunnels, so you can stay on dry land if you prefer.

Visiting some of the almost hundred villages spread across the islands will give you great photo ops. Some of them are fishing villages, many of them with colorful houses and all of them fascinating in their own way. Gasadalur and Runavik are two worth mentioning. 

Hikers will find that the peak of Klakkur offers an awesome view of the neighbouring islands. So does the highest of them all, Slættaratindur at 880 metres. The view covers almost all of the islands and it has been said that if the weather is very clear, you can see all the way to Vatnajökull in Iceland.

This place is not all about maintaining the old, it is definitely also about embracing new influences. Torshavn, the capital, has great shopping and a very exciting art and music scene. You can easily get a cappuccino if you crave one. And they even have a Michelin star restaurant.

So find your way out to this magical place. It will be different. And you will love it.


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