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Day 1:- City tour of Addis Ababa. City tour in Addis Ababa from the first biggest open air market in Africa to the national museum of Ethiopia watching lot of ancient historical materials also fossil of early mankind.
Day 2:- Addis Ababa- Gonder, domestic flight. After 45 minutes flight drive to Sankaber where the park head office found paying the entrance fee and meet with the local guides start the journey by foot or by mule then walk to jinbar valley and Jinbar waterfall watching the fauna and flora.
Day 3:-campsite –Chennek. Trekking and watching the endemic Ethiopian mammals of Glada baboon and Walia ibex.

Day 4:-campsite – Arekwazeye. Full day trek in the amazing dramatic land escape.
Day 5:-campsite – Mekarebiya. Full day trek by visiting the birdlife and wild life of the area.
Day 6:-campsite –Gonder. After a few trek in the surrounding of small local villages drive to Gonder town visiting the 16 century Fasil palace.
Day 7:- Gonder – Addis Ababa


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