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Imagine your trip to Egypt, designed for lifelong memories

Egypt is one of those countries we all have to visit at some point. It has such a long and intriguing history and when you stand before the pyramids of Giza for the first time and admire some of the most spectacular constructions on Earth, your heart almost skips a beat.

We´ve all grown up seeing the images of the Sphinx, the pyramids and the camels. We´ve learnt about Cleopatra, the Pharaohs and Tutankhamuns tomb.

Explore the souks of Cairo, sail the mighty river Nile and try to get some time in Luxor and Aswan. But it´s even more significant that you go outdoors to experience the great climate and what the Egyptian nature has to offer.

Chances are you´ve heard about diving the Red Sea Coast. It is one of the best dives in the world and the tropical fish and coral reefs is as good as it gets. Water sports activities along the coast are diverse and plentiful. You can get your adrenaline pumping with windsurfing and wakeboarding or you can swim with wild dolphins in calmer waters.

A desert safari is perfect for an authentic Bedouin experience. Camp under the stars and wake up to a traditional breakfast served on the sand. With local experts guiding you, all your needs will be covered at all times.

Tourists have often chosen to stay at beach resorts in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. But adventure travel has been on the rise for a while and things have started to change making Egypt a more complete and attractive destination.

Some people like hot air-balloon rides, safaris or swimming with dolphins. Others enjoy riskier activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing or bungee jumping. Anyone who challenges themselves, mentally or physically, will grow as a person.

And either way, Egypt´s got you covered.