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Imagine your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, designed for lifelong memories

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) is one of the last hidden gems in Europe. It shares a border with Croatia and the two countries have many similarities, but because of it´s pretty recent war history BIH has yet to be recognized as an equally attractive destination. This may soon change as more and more travelers are opening their eyes up for this warm, welcoming and peaceful country.  

East meets West in the capital of Sarajevo. You can find a mosque, a synagoge, a Catholic church and an Orthodox church on the same street. The Ottoman past is palpable in the cobbled streets of Bascarsija, the old bazaar, and this is a good place to do some shopping. Compared to it´s neighbouring Croatia, prices are ridiculously low here. Go outside the cities, and they get even lower.

Both Sarajevo and the city of Mostar has an endless supply of street cafes, exciting architecture, a dynamic arts scene and eccentric bars. You can go for locally produced wines, but the main drink is coffee. You can get a good cup of coffee on just about every corner, whether you prefer it Italian style or the traditional Bosnian way, which is somewhat similar to Turkish coffee.

Travel to small town Neum if you want to check out the Adriatic Coastline. Snorkel, dive, surf or work on your tan. This area has a perfect mediterranean climate with long, hot summers. This coastline is the shortest in the world and runs only about 25 kilometres (around 15 miles), but there are more ways to get wet. 

Of course this adventure destination has plenty of rivers and lakes. Like the Una River. Have a meal at one of the riverside restaurants. And go canoeing, kayaking or river rafting for some epic sceneries including turquoise water and breathtaking waterfalls.

The Balkan rocky mountains are great for hiking, climbing, paragliding, quad and mountain biking. You should not miss out on the brilliant Sutjeska National Park, an awesome place to get close to Mother Nature. Numerous trails and lakes are available for any skill level and gear rentals are possible.

Even though winters are not that long, ski tourism is increasing by the year. Bjelasnica hosted parts of the 1984 Winter Olympics and is a short drive from Sarajevo´s airport. It is a small resort, but the slopes are of international quality. And there´s a number of bargain-value skiing areas to choose from as the Diarnic Alps makes sure there are plenty of peeks above 1000 metres.

Whether you stroll the streets of Sarajevo, explore the medieval castles or hit the slopes, you will find that this is one of the most unexplored and interesting destinations in Europe right now.  


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My boyfriend and I took a 3-hour private city tour which included the Tunnel of Hope, the Old Jewish Cemetery, other important war sites, and panoramas of the city. Our guide was very knowledgable and kind. He and his manager also helped us with questions we had just about every day. I just wish we’d taken their Mostar/Herzegovina tour, because I think we’d have gotten more out of the experience than travelling their ourselves. Thanks, guys.
— Melis ★★★★★
I was a solo female traveler in BiH. During my time there, I engaged Invicta for four day-tours around the country. I am truly thankful that I engaged Invicta (which responded promptly to all my queries) for their services and appreciate the time I had with Edin, which gave me the opportunities to learn about the beautiful country and her hospitable people, and to know Edin, as a person.
— Joyce ★★★★★

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