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Austria is famous for high culture with fine arts and classical music, lavish palaces, baroque architecture, schnitzel and sachertorte. In the cobblestone streets of Vienna and Salzburg walked the likes of Mozart, Haydn, Freud and Marie Antoinette. Some of them even enjoyed a cup of coffee at one of the Viennese coffee houses with the first one opening as early as 1685. But more important for adventure travelers is that the Central Eastern Alps surrounds this small country. And the impressive hills, made famous to the world in The Sound of Music, are awesome all year round.

In the summer you can hike the mountains, bike the mountains or go horseback riding. For a little more excitement, get on a paraglider for the ultimate view.

If you have time for a long-distance trail, walk the Alpe Adria Trail. It starts at the foot of Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria, and takes you through both Slovenia and Italy. And it is packed with natural wonders.

If you like a more relaxing trail, you can hike the Styrian Wine Country to get a taste of Austria´s 4000 year history of producing wines. It has forests, meadows and vineyards with charming inns along the way.

The lakes of this country make up for the lack of coastline. In the summer you can soak in the blue, clear waters reflecting the Alpine scenery. It is truly a jaw dropping view.

And if you are up for a little more action, the Tyrol rivers offer some of the best white water rafting and kayaking in Europe.

Tyrol is just as fun, if not more fun, during the winter season. St. Anton in the Tyrolean Alps is often referred to as “the cradle of Alpine skiing”. This area is snow secure, making it a freeride mecca. A must for many skiers while here is to take an excursion to Zürs. Be aware that you´re only allowed up to the summit if accompanied by a local guide, so this is for experts only.

But there are a number of places to choose from, for any skill level. Alpbach is great for beginners. Saalbach and Sölden for intermediates. Ishgl, Innsbruck and Kitzbühel are also worth checking out, and there are many, many more.

And if you don´t feel like skiing or snowboarding, why not try snowbiking? Or snow-karting?

Austrians love the finer things in life, and they love the outdoors. And with all they have jammed into this beautiful little country, it seems like a recipe for living the good life.

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