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Myself and my partner spent 6 days with Craig exploring the northern part of Tasmania, and I have to admit it was one of the most impressive vacations we’ve ever had. To begin with, Craig is a very knowledgeable and friendly guide with a real passion for his job, his land and the wildlife. Secondly, the organization of the tour was impeccable, and I bet we would have been unable to see even 10% of all that we’ve seen during the trip if we had rented a car and driven through the same part of the island on our own. Just imagine several days of enjoying kangaroos, wombats (my personal favorite), platypuses, pademelons, wallabies, echidnas, quolls, kakadus, possums, etc. in the wild combined with amazing food, great accommodations, diverse landscapes, charming villages and lots of interesting stories told by Craig. I’m pretty sure the tour was worth every cent we’ve paid, and we’ll definitely try to get back to Tasmania one day (probably, to explore the southern part of the island with Craig next time).
— Inna ★★★★★