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Diego is not only knowledgeable about the city, but one of the easiest guides to connect with. He not only knows all of the important places in Buenos Aires, but other major tourist destinations in the whole of Argentina. If you request something specific in BA, like an observation deck or a good restaurant, surely he’ll know exactly where to take you. I highly recommend Diego
— ★★★★★


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Home of the the Iguazu falls, the glacier Perito Moreno, and some of the highest peaks of the Andes. Argentina is a dream destination for any nature lover. It you´re into hiking or skiing, there are endless possibilities to choose from. This rich country is so big and has so much to show for, it´s wise to plan your vacation with local experts in order to get the most out of your days.

Don´t miss out on city life either. Visit a Parrilla for a perfectly grilled steak and chunk it down with Argentinian wine, watch locals perform the Argentinian tango and if you have time, experience a soccer match with energetic fans. Passion is key to just about everything in Argentina.


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