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Need inspiration? How about one of these Albania itineraries?

Your trip to Albania, designed for lifelong memories

Traveling in Europe is inspiring, and you can spend a lifetime exploring this continent. But unfortunately there aren´t many mysterious countries left to visit in Europe. Except for Albania. After the communist era, it took the country twenty years to get the tourism going. But now the word is out. 

Albania has yet to become a beach holiday destination, but it certainly has the beaches for it. The stunning Mediterranean right where the Adriatic and Ionian coastline meet have some of the best beaches in Europe. Like the turqoise waters and good vibes of Ksamil beach near Saranda, just a short ferry ride from Greece. 

Rent kayaks, paddleboards or pedal boats and explore mysterious coves and hidden beaches along the Albanian riviera. Go south and find the sunny little bohemian town Himara, where you´ll bump into backpackers enjoying the low-key atmosphere.

Also in the south is the Blue Eye Spring, a clear blue water spring and more than fifty metre deep natural pool. A must see when in Albania.

But it´s not just about water. The pristine Albanian Alps with snow capped peaks is great for exploring, hiking, mountain climbing, canyoning and river rafting. The hike in the mountains between Theth and Valbona is suitable for any skill level, and families, and is packed with endless stunning views. 

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed, uninhabited town of Berat, the Town of a Thousand Windows, is a fascinating place to visit. So are the small villages where time seem to have stood still. And the archeological sites, castle ruins and ancient monasteries around the country has history just as intriguing as it´s neighbouring countries. 

You´ll probably begin or end your stay in Tirana, the capital, where the only international airport is located. The vibrant city is increasingly metropolitan with art galleries, cafes, colorful mosques and beautiful landscapes surrounding it.

This small Balkan country is utterly unique. It has a great climate, kind people and delicious seafood. So book your flights.