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Imagine your trip to Alaska, designed for lifelong memories

The northernmost part of the United States is Alaska, bordering Canada in the east and sharing a marine border with Russia in the west. It is the biggest US state, but the most sparsely populated. Visit Anchorage, Juneau or Fairbanks for Alaskan city life, but spend most of your time away from the city with a guide to experience the real Alaska and all it has to offer. The range of different bears, the moose, the caribou, the orcas and the whales.

This place is all about the wild. 

Learn more about holiday in Alaska in this video

Floating among the icebergs beneath the glacier is definitely a once in a lifetime experience! A great day out and a great way to see Alaska off the beaten path
— Irwin about Spencer glacier river float trip ★★★★★

Adventure in Alaska

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